Almost 70% of people
are visual learners!

Infographics are the perfect way
to visualize information!

Data visualization draws wider
interest and brings better visibility!

Increase in website traffic often
translates to better sales figures!

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  • FEATURED The CaveBull

    Throughout the centuries, ever since the famous cave illustrations, mankind used sketches and drawings to depict their objects of interest, relaying on process of education through visualization. In a pattern of continuation, we’ve extended the evolution, creating equally fascinating, enlightening and visually exciting graphics. Take a peek into our collection of selected graphics and feel free to share it.

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  • Research & Promotion

    Need an attractively designed illustration to communicate your objectives? Wanna draw wider interest and generate higher traffic by streamlining hot topics into an innovative and educational infographics? Or simply lack an inspiration to put your company into proper context? You’ll get a full service, fulfilling all your requirements.

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Looking for an effective way to present complex ideas and put together lengthy arrays of facts and figures? Try infographics!

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About Us

Want to take advantage of infographics use? You’ll get a highly professional service, validated by remarkable credentials.

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And Fuel Economy

Learn about the pros and cons of different car types ( electric vs. hybrid vs. gasoline) and make the perfect choice according to your driving habits.

FEATURED Auguste Lumière: 150th Birthday

French inventor and filmmaker who developed an early film camera and projector with his brother Louis was born 150 years ago (19 Oct. 1862).


IBM and, world’s largest community of infographics, teamed up to depict the marriage between marketing and technology.

MASHABLE Social Media & Emergency Response

Can social media be used to aid natural disasters or crime? Infographics designed for Infoglyphs, published on Mashable.