The CaveBull

In a pattern of continuation, we are extending the evolution!

Throughout the centuries, ever since the famous cave illustrations, mankind used sketches and drawings to depict their objects of interest, relaying on process of education through visualization. In a pattern of continuation, we’ve extended the evolution, creating equally fascinating, enlightening and visually exciting graphics. Take a peek into our collection...
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Infographic Design Tips for Beginners

                                Ten tips for those interested in starting in the field By Boris Benko I am sure many of you reading this have been involved into the infographic production process somehow (whether you create, research,...
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How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

According to the most recent version of ‘The Social Habit 2012’ from Edison Research, Nearly one-quarter of Facebook Users check their account at least five times daily (base: have a personal profile page on Facebook). How many times did you check your Facebook account in last 24 hours?...
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65 Years of Roswell Incident

At the beginning of July, strange sequence of events started to unfold, laying the foundations of the most famous UFO incident in American history . . . Roswell is know today as an Alien capital of the world. It all started 65 years ago, on July the 8th 1947, when...
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Pamplona Running of the Bulls 2012

It’s getting close - all you ever wanted to know about famous Pamplona adrenaline adventure taking place in July! All important details included … Celebrating Saint Fermin, annual madness in Pamplona is deeply rooted in the tradition going all the way back to 14th century......
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