65 Years of Roswell Incident

At the beginning of July, strange sequence of events started to unfold, laying the foundations of the most famous UFO incident in American history . . .

Roswell is know today as an Alien capital of the world. It all started 65 years ago, on July the 8th 1947, when Walter Haut from the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release about a “flying disk” recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The statement gained a huge public and media attention, already intrigued by the several reports of strange flying objects spotted throughout the June and July that year. Was it really something out of this world?

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3 Comments to “65 Years of Roswell Incident”

  1. We’ve in no way appeared at it like that, but you’ve got introduced to mind some things I have never ever regarded within the previous. I am aware this was not an exceptionally serious topic, but I do value what you explained. I will be reading your blog more usually.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for you kind words. and to reflect on your comment – data mining, requiring a lot of, well, mining, can be very rewarding, with additional facts (or fiction) arising to expand on the previous knowledge. in this case, we didn’t want to put too much load onto the infographic, but there’s yet another intreresting fact about roswell: regardless of the operation paperclip theory, germans were (according to wiki) in roswell for sure. during the wwii, they were situated in a prisoners of war camp, and used for major infrastructure works in the city. former iron cross park, now pow/mia park, serves as a reminder, along with the inserted piece of a dismantled berlin wall, contributed by the german air force. talking about some odd facts . . .

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